Livelle Boutique.....The Story.

Livelle Boutique is an online shopping experience that was created with the idea that every woman deserves beauty and class. Being a mother of two young girls, it is important to me that they see all women are beautiful and strong no matter their size on a label. Livelle Boutique caters to all women from petite to plus, casual to dress up and everything in between. We want to cater to those who keep up with the trends, but also those who still appreciate the classic looks.  

I am Krystn Johnson, the creator and owner of Livelle Boutique. I am a full time working mom of two with a passion for style and appreciation of a confident woman in a great outfit. My hobby has always been shopping and creating my own looks, but being someone who is only 5'0 tall I see the struggles women go through to find clothes that are affordable and fit their body type. I created Livelle Boutique to be one more step towards squashing the idea that women need to be a size 2 and 5'8 for clothes to look good on them. 

This idea was not created just for me. I want to get to know my customers and their style. I want to hear the suggestions and improvements or new styles you want to see. I want this to be not only an easy shopping experience, but a good one. Women can run the world and look even better doing it with an amazing pair of shoes and a great outfit to go with them! So let's shop!